Full service unlimited purified water systems in Bryan & College Station

Water For Your Office

Choosing a water delivery service for your business can be simple, but don’t be fooled by the status quo. Water delivery services haven’t changed in years, but that doesn’t reduce your cost or improve you water – we do!

Water For Food Service

Does your restaurant need high volume on demand water? We tailor each installation to match the needs of the customer. Offering you an unlimited number of water holding tank sizes to meet even the highest demand of water. We service many local restaurants that need 300 gallons of ready to use water – give us a call.

wellsys 1100 college station tx 220 x 600

Our Water Is Better Than Bottle Water :

  • No injury claims
  • No slime in water dispenser
  • No plastic leaching from bottles
  • Storing water bottles take up precious space
  • Bottled water you have to be present during water delivery or carry inside yourself
  • Way more expensive….pay by the gallon
  • Bottled water not filtered for nitrates
  • Bottled water doesn’t have electrolytes add back in
  • Bottled water no minerals added back in
  • Contamination from outside dispenser falling inside unit
  • Bottle water doesn’t filter pharmaceuticals out
  • Bottle water has possible acid-base water below 7ph
  • Bottled water has fluctuating bills based off of usage

    “The problem is that chlorine and other chemicals that public utilities add to drinking water to kill microorganisms can react with other material – such as sewage and manure – to create hundreds of toxic byproducts, many of which aren’t regulated at all. – The Environmental Working Group

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    What our office customers say about us

    “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” – Isaiah 12:3 Our church needed a lot of water at once, and coffee is the first thing many new visitors are offered. College Station city water mixed with coffee was not how we wanted to put our best foot forward. BCS Pure Water was able to get us not only the best water you can get, being able to have a large 90 gallon on demand storage tank to keep up with the large demand is great.

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